Objectives and Activities

The Hazrat Inayat Khan Dargah Hope Project Netherlands Foundation is based in Voorburg, and is established for an indefinite period.
1. The purpose of the foundation is to support the charitable Hazrat Inayat Khan Dargah Hope Project in Delhi, India, originally founded under the name Hope Project Charitable Trust.
2. The foundation seeks to achieve this by acquiring financial and material resources in order to support its objectives and purpose.
3. In 2019, 2020, 2021 and the current year 2022, gatherings, classes and concerts were organised where information about the Hope project was given and visitors could make a donation.

The funds of the Foundation shall be obtained by:

  • separated assets at the founding
  • donations, gifts, inheritances and legacies
  • interest on the capital invested by the foundation
  • other sources of fundraising